List of Famous International Holidays and Celebrations

There are famous festivals, holidays and celebrations around the world. It true that every time a special occasion may come you will think for a good holiday greetings phrases that would fit to the occasion you are celebrating.

Among of the most common holidays that is celebrated internationally are All Saints Day, New Year, Independence Day, Christmas Day, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Dia de los Muerto. Those mentioned holidays are celebrated anywhere around the world maybe the date has differences but there are allotted day in each of the country for those events. Aside from those celebrations that are being celebrated internationally there are also holidays that are celebrated only in a specific country like as follows:

Asian Festivals and Holidays

  • In China the famous Torch Day or Festival of the Yu People is celebrated.
  • In Hong Kong,Chung Yueng Festival is celebrated.
  • In Korea, Full Moon Celebration, Childrens Day and Parents Day, Noche de Rabanos, Dia de los Muertos, Three Kings Day and Mothers Day are also very special and celebrated by Koreans
  • In Japan, Bean Throwing Festival or Setsubun, Authentic Ceremonies for Children, Shichi-Go San: 7, 5, 3 Ceremony, Fresh Look: Coming of Age Ceremony, Momo no Sekku, and the favorite Cherry Blossom Season are being celebrated by the locals.
  • In Thailand, a different celebration for Full Moon is being celebrated, they also call it Loy Krathon.
  • Philippines have the very popular Maskarra Festival in Bacolod City.

European Countries and their Festivals

  • In Bulgaria, people celebrate the festival, which is greatly known as the Legend of the Martenista.
  • In Germany, they also celebrate a very special festival on  the month of October, which they call as October Festival.
  • In Ireland, Irish people celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day, who is also their country’s first saint.
  • In Spain, the citizens celebrate Semana Santa, as part of their Easter Season festivities.
  • In Sweden, the people do merrymaking and celebrate Santa Lucia Day to venerate the saint who have seen the vision of the Our Lady of Fatima.
  • In Turkey, high importance is given to the children of their country that is why they are intensely celebrating Children’s Day and also they are practicing Ramadan sincerely.

Other Famous Festivals in the World

  • Only in Brazil, is the Famous Carnival Holiday celebrated with merrymaking, street dancing, and other festivities.
  • Waitangi Day is celebrated in New Zealand.
  • Festivals and Celebrations in Peru are very special.
  • Venezuela celebrates several festivals. Examples would include: Tambores de Barlovento, Los Diablos de Yare: Devils of Yare, Carnival in La Chimana, Carnival in El Callao, and La Paradura del Niño.
  • Western Samoa is celebrating their ever famous Teuila Festival.

Those specified celebrations, festival and events in different countries are only of those celebrations that are very special. There are still a number of events that is not stated in this article that you may find out in each of the country.