Christmas Sayings and Phrases

Christmas sayings and phrases have been traditional complements of gifts and specialty cards that are given out during the Yuletide Season. Aside from allotting considerable amount of time trying to find the best gifts or cards, people are also bothering themselves to compose and write or browse among the best holiday greetings phrases suitable to their intended recipients.

Purposes of Christmas Sayings and Phrases

Going beyond tradition, the following are some of the inherent reasons or purposes in sharing out these holiday sayings and phrases.

They provide inspiration

Perhaps, the most evident purpose of sharing out these holiday sayings and phrases is to bring inspiration to the recipient.

  • Based on a person’s knowledge of the current life situation of a particular person, he or she may opt to write phrases that would encourage optimism in cases of hardships, or those that may strengthen the feelings of happiness and fulfillment in another instance.
  • Christian Christmas sayings and phrases are ideal to serve this purpose.

They serve as alternative modes of conveying a message

Christmas sayings and phrases that are personally composed and written by a person are usually intended to convey a message in an indirect or lighter manner.

  • For some individuals, giving out cards with these sayings and messages is a great opportunity to implicitly convey a message that they usually can’t tell a person on any ordinary time or day.

They convey affection and concern

Receiving a card or any other item printed even with simple and short Christmas sayings and phrases is already a sign that somebody cares for that person. The act of giving a greeting card itself is already meaningful.

Popular Gift Ideas

And to provide a handful of additional options for an individual, the following tokens or gifts are suitable for printing or inscribing these holiday messages:

  • Christmas Cards: The most common items that bear Christmas sayings and phrases are the holiday cards. Most cards are already preprinted with these yuletide messages and most also allow addition of personal messages that the sender may wish to include.
  • Drinking mugs: Drinking mugs are no longer limited for personal use and exhibit conventional or bare designs. Today, customization have enabled these items to become popular and demanded as tokens or personalized gifts during certain occasions, events, or for any other specific purposes. When giving out customized Christmas mugs to friends, the funny Christmas sayings and phrases coupled with fun and lively images are perfect.

  • T-shirts: When an individual wants to make his or her holiday statements to be made known or exposed publicly, printing out personalized t-shirts containing the chosen Christmas sayings and phrases is one way to do so.
  • Word keychains, notepads, and other office supplies: These items are usually used as corporate gifts by companies, organizations, and some other groups.